Salt/grit disc spreader TSL 10, 12, 16

Self-loading disc spreader for mounting on tractors. The container can contain 550 - 1600 ltr. of material and spread width can be adjusted from 1.5 ? 8 metres, which makes it ideal for lanes, residential roads, car parks etc. The material is transported to the disc by a hydraulically driven screw conveyor with a reversible action if it becomes blocked by stones, or other obstructions.
The machine is equipped with:
  • Hydraulically adjustable spread symmetry
  • Changeable suspensions, A-frame/3-point/HMV/SMS
  • Robust disc protection while loading
  • Robust construction with 6mm steel plates
  • Quick fitting of support leg
Accessories: Speed dependent control, roller cover, set of lights, set hydraulic toplink.