Snow blowers 1750-2450

Our snow blowers are well known for their ability to operate in both wet and frozen snow. The machine is rear mounted, is not reversible and can be operated either hydraulically, or from a PTO source. The machine is capable of shifting large amounts with continuous usage. However, if you are looking for a more heavy-duty machine, we recommend either the S or 3300 series.

The machine is equipped with:
  • Two-blade screw conveyor for feeding nozzle
  • Four-blade blower
  • Hydraulic rotatable chute
  • Safety mesh in chute
  • Three-point suspension for rear mounting
  • Heavy duty gearbox 
  • Reversible share plate
  • Mechanically adjustable chute flap
  • Skid shoes
Accessories: Hydraulic regulation of flap, side shares, support wheel, loading chute, spring release hitch, hardox skids, middle flap for chute.