SNOWLINE NGS V100 is a serie of large and very durable vario-snow ploughs for larger tractors, dumpers and wheel loaders. Each of the 2 main shares can be individually adjusted by as much as ±37°. Typical use is the diagonal shape (normal road clearing), V-shape (for deep snow) or Yshape

for clearing e.g. car parks. The very robust plough is equipped with the original SNOWLINE "flap shares", which release individually in case of collision with obstacles, as well as durable, reversible rubber shares.

Avaliable in the 
following widths:

2.90 m.
3.60 m. 
4.30 m. 
5.00 m.

- Very solid

- Original SNOWLINE flap shares

- Reversible rubber shares

- 2 Adjustable shares

- 3-point hitch included

- With LED light

- Wide range of hitches