The craftsmanship is in focus. This applies to both product development and production.


Product development

We constantly develop new products and adapt our existing range to continually stay ahead of our markets and customer’s needs. We have a direct and close contact with importers, distributors, end users and other stakeholders about their wants and needs. We aim to create machines that are functional, efficient and robust.

Hydromann is certified according to ISO 9001 quality standard and all development is carried out in accordance with its requirements. We place a particular emphasis on new products before they are released for sale, they undergo an intensive testing process where the load is both realistic and representative of the product's target audience. Often we supplement this testing process with controlled stress and durability testing at the factory of both individual components and entire machines.



Even though large parts of production today takes place on high-tech machines, we still find "craftsmanship" important and want each production employee to be proud of his work. Our quality control throughout the manufacturing process ensures the product always meets its requirements before leaving the factory.

Our purchasing department is working closely with our production and technical departments, so that we work with just the right components.